The Land Sailer Website.

Since 2002 we´ve been designing, building and testing different kinds of land sailers and sails. Lots of work and analysis have resulted in effective designs that are very fun to drive and affordable to build.

These products have been designed by 3D CAD technology. This enables us to fully generate the vehicles and their components on the computer screen and make sure that each part works and fits together.

Now you can make the complete projects yourself. We’ll give you the drawings, plans, 3D CAD views, dimensions of every part that needs to be made, lists of materials and detailed building instructions. Everything you need to build your own wind kart, land yacht or sail testing machine.
Plans and instructions are clear and are very easy to follow.

We daily E-Mail our Wind kart plans, Land yacht plans and Sail tester plans. So take a look around our website today.

We look forward to helping you with your project. If for any reason during construction you have a question, we are an e-mail away !

All photography on this site has been taken by us. Please respect our copyright to these images.

Disclaimer: Landsailing is a potentially dangerous sport. You are solely responsible for your own safety. Know your limitations, as well as those of your equipment. Regularly check the condition of your equipment
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